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Planning a Southern California Move: What Do I Need to Plan?

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If you are planning a move to southern California, whether you are moving from a local area or from a large distance away, it is important to have a clear plan to make the move as easy and problem-free as possible. Organizing a move involves coordinating a lot of moving parts, but lining up the necessities will help to make the move and the unpacking a great deal easier.

Begin by deciding how you will handle the packing and the moving. If you are going to be doing it yourself, consider using an online calculator designed to help you determine the amount of boxes and packing materials, such as bubble wrap, that you will need. You can also pre-arrange for a moving truck if you do not have access to a large truck to use. If you plan to use a moving company, check area listings and online reviews for reputable and recommended options. Be sure that any moving company you choose is licensed with the California Public Utilities Commission, which indicates a proven record for safety and adequate insurance for your items. Depending on your needs, you might want to choose a company that also offers unpacking services or storage provisions.

Before you start packing, take pictures of each room in your house and each electrical appliance hookup so you can see how things need to go together when you unpack. Labeling everything specifically and carefully can also take the guesswork out of where each box needs to go in your new place, or which box you need to unpack first to get to the items you need.

To make sure that you are not without mail or your utilities, consider taking advantage of free online services to change your address and switch your utility services, such as gas and electric, to your new address on a pre-determined date.

On moving day, take advantage of the help of any friends or family members who might be available to supervise your children or watch your pets. If you don’t have the option of having loved ones available to help, or if you are moving to southern California from a far distance, make it a priority to set up a safe area for your children and pets in the new home while the unloading and unpacking is taking place.