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What The Lux! How To Buy A Magnificent Home for the Right Price in Southern California

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As top real estate agents in Orange County, the Sam Realty Group has seen it all: from wealthy clients who want worldly estates perched on rolling hills to investors who seek accessible and breezy weekend beach properties that make solid income. Either way, Sam Realty Group owner and active real estate agent Sam Ali knows what to do to get a client what he or she wants. In the last few years, Sam Realty has focused on the luxury market and has sold millions of dollars worth of prime residential property throughout the Orange County, from Shady Canyon to Pelican Hills and many points in between. When a client is on the lookout for luxury, though, what should they do to maximize their money and get the best that the market can bear?

Southern California real estate buyers today can now look through the MLS or Multiple Listing Service for home listings, as easily as a licensed real estate broker previously did. However, it takes top real estate agents in Orange County, like those from Sam Realty, to separate the ordinary from the luxurious. “We always have an eye for beauty and we can help our clients understand the benefits of buying prime luxury properties, whether it is for sheer personal pleasure or an investment down the line,” explains Sam. “Buying a home is a big decision that requires the buyer, seller and agents for each party to make a deal that works for everyone. I have to make my client happy first and compliment the work of the other broker. The better the deal transpires, the better the overall culture and market of high-end real estate.” So, relationships are vital to any real estate deal.

Next to consider, of course, is the property. Is it something a buyer loves? Do they simply like it and feel that it needs more work? Is that a daunting task and an unnecessary added expense? What will be its value in the future, should they decide to sell and retire elsewhere? A great real estate agent can help sort all of this out easily. Great ones also have relationships with contractors, loan officers and many other key components to the deal at hand, so you’ll want to keep them close to the vest.

How about the location? That’s usually the number one reason why buyers buy what they buy. Location, location, location still rings true today. Why? Because a great home base – a luxurious or even modest home base – can define the life of the owners. Owners need to know how close their home is to work, how close is it to local schools, to the shore, the freeways, to the airport, to other neighbors, and so on.

To buy a great luxury home in Orange County, be sure to set your budget range, pick locations you are happy with and find a great real estate team like Sam Realty Group to help guide you into the perfect home!