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Classic and Modern Celebrities Living in Newport Beach, CA

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There are some areas of the world that seem to draw in the stars. In these places, you have a reasonable chance of spotting the celebrities that you love to watch on the big screen. Fortunately, you do not need to live in downtown Los Angeles or in the heart of Hollywood to spot them anymore. One location that celebrities seem to prefer is Newport Beach, California. This location allows celebrities to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, while maintaining access to plenty of things to play with.

Just a little ways south of Los Angeles and one trip along the coast of Newport Beach is where million dollar mansions and yachts are located. This small glimpse is only a small portion of what dreams have truly been born here. There have been many celebrities born and raised in Newport Beach, and even more of the rich and famous call it home now.

Some of the most famous names of the past who have called it home include stars like John Wayne and George Burns – and the adorable little girl that everyone loved, Shirley Temple.

Author Dean Koontz, pitcher Jim Abbot, basketball player Kobe Bryant, and actresses Michelle Pfeiffer, Candace Bergen, and Kelly McGillis, along with Nicholas Cage, Jay Leno, and Chuck Norris are among the big names in this area because of their residency in the past or present.

While there are celebrities that have never lived in Newport Beach, CA, many still choose to use the town as a playground a time or two. Big name visitors have included Frank Sinatra, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and Chuck Yeager.

Who do you want to see?

Even if your favorite actor or actress is not listed among the celebrities living in Newport Beach, CA, this does not mean you will never get a chance to see them. Many movies have been partially created in the Newport Beach area, including Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, and the original Cleopatra. Keep your eyes peeled to see who may be coming to town next.


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